Safe Driving Rewards

Insurance Excess Waiver Programme

How does it work?

To register for the programme

If you hold a heavy vehicle insurance policy with either NZI or Lumley, and are also an EROAD customer on a subscription plan that includes vehicle tracking, you could benefit from no claims excess when you register for our Safe Driving Rewards Programme.

Data collected from the EROAD units installed in your vehicles will be used to automatically provide a driving safety rating for your fleet. This rating is based on driving factors such as harsh braking, harsh acceleration and incidents of speeding. Your driving safety rating will be displayed on the Leaderboard report in EROAD’s web-based Depot application.

Registration is easy. You don’t have to wait until your insurance policy renewal to sign-up. If you’re not currently in the top 25% - don’t worry. You can register now, focus on improving your ranking so you are inside the top 25% and eligible if you do have to make a claim.

Those who rank in the top 25% of transport operators based on EROAD’s driving safety rating could be eligible to have their insurance excess waived in the event of a driving accident.

By rewarding transport operators for setting high standards in driving behaviour, we aim to not just reduce the costs of insurance for our customers, but to support high quality driving across the commercial vehicle industry.

In the event of an accident

An EROAD device on an EROAD subscription plan that includes vehicle tracking must be installed in the vehicle involved, and your fleet must have ranked in the top 25% during the preceding calendar month.

Other than having your excess wiped in the event of the claim, you will also have a measure to compare your fleets driving safety to other New Zealand operators.

Please read our terms and conditions for full details of this programme.

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